Wealth Management

Quartal Financial Solutions offers specialized software solutions and services that meet the fee billing, revenue management and commission processing requirements of private banks and wealth managers across the globe. We offer standardized best-practice solutions for the following areas:

Third-Party Distribution

With an open architecture distribution network, distributors of third-party financial products are looking for solutions that offer control, visibility and transparency in the collection of distribution fees and commissions (e.g. trailer fees and rebates).

Quartal COMMISSION is a market leader in the calculation, invoicing and controlling of third-party distribution fees and commissions.

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External Asset Management

Given the particularity and wide range of calculations, banks and wealth managers need to ensure that the calculation and payment of commissions, retrocessions and introducer fees is done accurately and on time. They are looking for solutions that offer control, visibility, service quality and transparency while meeting regulatory and compliance related needs.

Quartal COMMISSION automates your entire commission calculation and payment process for any banking product or service.

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Client-Fee Charging

Wealth managers globally are facing the challenge of handling complex fee calculations, multiple charging mechanisms, and the need for charging clients on time while accurately and effectively pricing their services.

Quartal FEE MANAGER is a market leader in the calculation and invoicing of client fees and charges such as custody, management and performance fees charged by banks and wealth managers to their clients.

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