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When it comes to trailer fee and commission management, transfer agents need a flexible solution that can handle large data volumes, calculations and payments accurately and in a timely manner to better service their clients. TAs are looking for a system that has the flexibility to manage multiple and bespoke trailer fee and commission agreements. The ability for a commission management system to provide access to an online portal to review agreements, calculations and payments has emerged as a key industry requirement.

Quartal Financial Solutions is the go-to provider that transfer agents rely on for providing a cost-effective, automated tool that provides transparency and control. We are the trusted partner with the right technology, financial expertise and experience in this industry. Our business consultants will not only provide you solutions, but also suggest best practices and market standards to follow. In addition to our breadth of functionality, over a period of time our solutions will also provide you with business intelligence related to client profitability and other relevant KPIs.

Quartal COMMISSION is used globally by transfer agents for Third-Party Commission Management, i.e. the calculation and payment of distribution fees and commissions.