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Fund platforms that support complex agreement structures and large distribution networks are looking for greater flexibility, control and automation in their distribution fee and commission management process. At the same time, platform providers are grappling with increased regulatory pressure. The need today is for a solution that gives accurate, auditable results and can provide the transparency levels required to satisfy even the most rigorous of client enquiries. As fund management distribution networks expand in size and geography, solutions are required that can handle large, complex distribution agreements and structures while accommodating for regional differences, including taxation and local reporting requirements.

In this scenario, Quartal Financial Solutions has emerged as a trustworthy, able and cost effective solution provider with the technology, financial expertise and experience that you can rely on.

Quartal COMMISSION is the market leading system fund platforms use for distribution support and platform commission management.

This includes the calculation, invoicing, controlling and payment of receivable and payable distribution fees and commissions by fund platforms to fund promoters, asset managers and other clients.