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Fund Administrators today face an array of challenges and are struggling to meet increased demands from clients that push existing processes to their limits. Given the large volumes and complexity of expenses and invoices that need to be processed, administrators are looking for solutions that offer control, automation, visibility and transparency while meeting regulatory and compliance related needs. Any solution they consider must treat VAT and other sales taxes appropriately and be equipped to handle expense and network management.

In this scenario, Quartal Financial Solutions has emerged as a trustworthy, reliable and cost effective solution provider with the technology, financial expertise and experience that you can rely on. Our business consultants will not only provide you solutions, but also suggest best practices and market standards to follow. In addition to our breadth of functionality, over a period of time our solutions will also provide you with business intelligence related to client profitability and other relevant KPIs.

Quartal FEE MANAGER is the market leading system that fund administrators employ for Service Fee Billing and Expense Management.

Service Fee Billing is the calculation and invoicing of service fees charged by fund administrators to their clients.

Expense Management is the calculation, controlling and payment of fund fees and expenses by fund administrators on behalf of their clients towards other fund service providers.