Securities Services

Quartal Financial Solutions offers specialized software solutions and services that meet the fee billing, revenue management and commission processing requirements of securities services providers globally. We offer standardized best-practice solutions for the following service providers:

Fund Administrators

Fund Administrators today face an array of challenges and are struggling to meet increased processing demands from clients that push existing processes to their limits. Administrators are consequently looking for powerful fee, expense and commission management solutions.

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Transfer Agents

When it comes to trailer fee and commission management, transfer agents need a flexible solution that can handle large data volumes, calculations and payments accurately and in a timely manner to better service their clients.

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Given the large volumes and wide variety of services that custodian and clearing providers offer, accurate and timely service fee billing can become a real challenge. Hence, custodians and clearing providers are looking for solutions that offer control, automation, visibility and transparency while meeting regulatory and compliance related needs.

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Fund Platforms

Today’s fund and distribution platforms must be able to handle a multitude of distribution agreements along with complex distribution structures and networks. Therefore, platform providers are looking for greater flexibility, control and automation in their distribution fee and commission management process.

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