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Trade fee management has become significantly more complex as client-specific charging structures and extended product ranges with complicated fee structures are added to a high volume environment. A solution is required that can handle both the complexity and volumes but also provide accuracy, transparency and control of the overall process. Quartal Financial Solutions’ Quartal FEE MANAGER is a leader in calculation, charging and invoicing of trading fees by brokers and investment banks and provides the flexibility, breadth of product functionality and accuracy that leads to a level of automation and transparency that is critical to manage a high volume process in a highly regulated industry.


Improved Transparency & Service Levels

  • Clarity on the entire fee calculation and invoicing process
  • Automation in calculation of accruals and actuals, accounting entries, & cost allocation
  • Focus on exception management and not basic processing
  • Improved reporting and forecasting
  • Scenario analysis & simulations

Increased Revenue

  • Reduction & control in revenue leakage by automated billing workflows & automated controlling reports
  • Enforcement of revenue and discount policies

Reduced Risks

  • Regulations compliance including automated compliance reporting and full audit trail
  • Improved information accuracy with automated workflows & controls, and automated import/export to internal and external sources
  • Highest security standards

Reduced Costs

  • Increased automation in contract management, data import/export and allocations/reconciliations
  • Increased efficiency through sophisticated workflow processing/STP

Key features

  • Scalable solution to support global growth
  • Single global system for invoices, fees, commissions and rebates
  • Customizable solution able to handle the most complex rules or conditions
  • Customizable solution able to handle exceptions and exclusions
  • Customizable solution able to handle tariff/discount management
  • Ability to incorporate most complex fee structures
  • Standardization of agreements, processes and policies