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Asset managers today are struggling to meet increased institutional investor demands that push existing fee processes to their limits.  Supporting these clients with a process more robust than a spreadsheet is vital to provide an institutional quality service.  In a scenario of unquantified revenue leakage, lack of automation and control in billing processes, lack of transparency and an inability to handle complex/exceptional billing situations, asset managers are looking for fast, cutting-edge, cost effective solutions. The absence of a comprehensive process for institutional fee billing often leads to compliance and audit issues and results in longer billing cycles – resulting in asset managers turning to service providers who can handle this sort of complexity and offer customized solutions.

Quartal FEE MANAGER is the market leader in revenue management, associated calculations and invoicing of complex fee structures which underpins an institutional quality process for supporting institutional clients with managing fee revenue. Quartal Financial Solutions has the technology, the financial expertise and the experience that you can trust. Our business consultants will not only provide you solutions, but also suggest best practices and market standards to follow. In addition to our breadth of functionality, over a period of time our solutions will also provide you with business intelligence related to client profitability and other relevant KPIs.


Increased Revenue

  • Reduction & control in revenue leakage by automated billing workflows & automated controlling reports
  • Optimization of fee schedules
  • Enforcement of revenue and discount policies

Reduced Risks

  • Regulations compliance including automated compliance reporting and full audit trail
  • Improved information accuracy with automated workflows & controls, and straight-through imports/exports to internal and external sources
  • Highest security standards

Improved Transparency & Service Levels

  • Clarity on the entire fee/commission calculation and invoicing process
  • Automation in calculation of accruals and actuals and accounting entry generation
  • Improved reporting and forecasting
  • Scenario analysis & simulations

Reduced Costs

  • Increased automation in fee calculation & billing, contract management, data import/export and allocations/reconciliations
  • Reduced operational and sales costs
  • Increased efficiency through sophisticated workflow processing/STP

Key Features

  • Scalable solution to support global growth
  • Single global system for invoices, fees, commissions and rebates
  • Customizable solution able to handle the most complex rules or conditions
  • Customizable solution able to handle exceptions and exclusions
  • Customizable solution able to handle tariff/discount management
  • Ability to incorporate even the most complex fee/commission structures
  • Standardization of agreements and revenue/expense policies