Zurich, Switzerland (15.02.2020) – Quartal signs long-term license agreement with LGT Financial Services

Quartal Financial Solutions is pleased to announce that it has recently renewed and extended its license agreement with LGT Financial Services AG based on its license subscription model for the usage of Quartal COMMISSION. LGT and Quartal have successfully been collaborating since 2008 whereas LGT continues to rely on Quartal COMMISSION, which has recently been upgraded to Version 10, to handle its commission management process across its fund distribution, asset and wealth management activities for both, LGT Capital Partners and LGT Bank.

Thierry Zuppinger, CEO of Quartal commented: We are delighted of the trust placed in us by LGT for our long-term collaboration. At Quartal we aim at building long-lasting relationships with our Clients and this is one of the best examples of a solid and very productive collaboration.