Zurich, Switzerland (08.01.2016) – Quartal Financial Solutions (QFS), the leading provider of fee and commission management software for the global financial industry, today announced that is has signed a major implementation agreement with a top 3 global asset management firm for the extension of its usage of Quartal COMMISSION and Quartal FEE MANAGER.

As part of a 12 month implementation project, Quartal will further extend the scope of commissions and fees processed by its solution implemented at the asset management firm, in particular for account receivables processing and tracking along with the extension of data interfaces and reporting. Additionally, Quartal will setup and rollout its Payment Reconciliation Module and its Profit Analysis Module, enabling its client to fully automate its accounts receivables tracking and further enhance its internal cost, revenue and profit analysis.


About Quartal Financial Solutions

Quartal Financial Solutions is a market leading-provider of fee and commission management, and revenue and expense lifecycle management software for the financial and insurance industry. Our flagship products, Quartal COMMISSION and Quartal FEE MANAGER, are used by key players in the asset management, wealth management, securities servicing, capital markets and insurance industry segments. We automate complex calculation, payment and invoicing processes, along with reconciliation, budgeting, contract and workflow management, and high-end reporting. Our clients enjoy reduced operating costs, higher performances, quick Return on Investment, and cutting-edge technology by using our products.

Quartal was founded in 1999 in Zurich. We also have offices in London, Luxembourg and Frankfurt. Quartal Financial Solutions currently has more than 30 clients and over 50 installations in 13 countries across Europe, United States, and the Asia-Pacific region.