Zurich, Switzerland (13.03.2017) – Quartal Financial Solutions, Europe’s leading provider for commission, fee billing and revenue management solutions announced today the planned release of Quartal COMMISSION / FEE MANAGER Version 10.1. Quartal has invested more than 20 percent of its revenue in research and product development and has successfully grown its customer base with some of the industry’s most prestigious clients.

This latest release adds a variety of new features and enhancements to Quartal’s market leading products including functionality, performance and usability enhancements.

Version 10.1 is the first release of Quartal’s .NET Technology transformation. This is a phased technology migration to reduce and eventually remove processing activity from the Database (Oracle) to a .NET server layer. The components released in this version include:

  • .NET Calculation engine (Initial Release covering Commission functionality). The existing calculation processing has been redesigned to remove the reliance on database processing by extracting the calculation methodology into the application server. The calculations are implemented using .NET technology. Oracle is still required but only as the data repository. The .NET Calculation engine is designed to be more efficient, performant and scalable than the existing technology solution.
  • A Performance Fee Module which provides a wide range of performance fee calculations including benchmarks and hurdles, redemption fees, rate of return calculations and high water mark checking and maintenance. The module is licensed separately.
  • Service Fee Functionality release to early adopting clients of a Service Fee Module which extends the existing data model and calculations engine to support complex transaction based fees in a standard solution. The module adds the concept of “Service” and “Service Group” which can then be combined with data-driven formulae to apply a variety of fees to individual transactions and collate fee structures together.

Version 10.1 is expected to be available to production clients as of 31st March 2017.