Zurich, Switzerland (15.06.2018) – Quartal Financial Solutions, one of the world’s leading providers of revenue and expense management solutions to the global Financial Services industry, today announced that it will be opening a new operational office in Lisbon, Portugal.

As part of the continued expansion of its operations, Quartal has been investigating the creation of a further, near-shore centre of excellence. Having explored various sites across Western and Eastern Europe it was decided that Lisbon, with it’s broad base of IT talent, financial services knowledge, language skills and, timely and cost-effective transport links, offered the ideal location and will be used to build upon the existing infrastructure in Zurich, London and Kharkiv.

The Lisbon set-up will be developed in 2 phases. Initially, the site will be used to provide i) client support, as Quartal extends its service operations to offer a 24/7 capability and ii) additional technical consultants for its client-facing, Professional Services group. A second phase of expansion is planned for Q2 2019 and will see further resources added to Quartal’s Research and Development teams.

Staff recruitment, training and induction have been underway for some time and the Lisbon operation will be fully on-line from Monday 2nd July 2018.