Zurich (07.08.2020) – Bank of Singapore (“BoS”) is one of the fastest‐growing private banks in Asia. In order to enhance process efficiency, ensure data Integrity and enhance customer satisfaction, Bank of Singapore were seeking to overhaul their existing system landscape for referral commission calculations for External Asset Managers by implementing a state‐of‐the‐art, industry‐accepted commission calculation solution. The solution should provide rich business functionality that streamlines the existing commission calculation and payment processes while reducing operational costs and risk through the repeatable automation of the end-to‐end procedures.
Additionally, the selected solution should be user‐friendly, flexible and offer strong reporting capabilities.

Quartal has developed an unparalleled domain knowledge and, coupled with its industry leading R&D investment, has harnessed this to continually develop and implement solutions that deliver upon market and customer expectations.

Gary Liley, International Sales Director, comments on the new client win: “We pride ourselves on the domain knowledge and responsiveness of our company and employees and have gained an exemplary reputation for
quality delivery as evidenced by our growing, blue‐chip customer base. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Bank of Singapore”.