London, UK (03.06.2019) – Quartal Financial Solutions, a leading global provider of cloud-hosted revenue and expense management solutions, announced that EFG Asset Management; part of the EFG International private banking group, has extended their existing Quartal COMMISSION licensing term for a further 3 years and have committed to deployment of release 11.x of the software.

The roll-out of release 11.x will be used as an opportunity to implement several further operational efficiency improvements, including:

  • Automated, two-way data integration with Transfer Agents, via enhanced use of Quartal’s ETL module
  • Improved positions allocation and holdings reconciliation
  • Roll-out of fund rebate calculation and payment initiation

Following completion of the release 11.x deployment, EFG Asset Management will have a fully automated, best in class, supply chain-wide solution for the processing of management fees, fund rebates, distribution fees and expenses, and sub-advisory fees.