Zurich, Switzerland (01.08.2019) Quartal Financial Solutions, a leading global provider of cloud-hosted revenue and expense management solutions, announced that one of its long-lasting clients – Credit Suisse Singapore  – has successfully upgraded to Quartal COMMISSION Version 10, migrating from an old version of the calculation engine to the newly re-engineered Quartal .Net calculation engine. The installation of Quartal COMMISSION is unique in that it is highly “automated” and enables a hands-free processing. Quartal COMMISSION is used to manage all commissions agreements with external asset managers and performs periodic calculations of remunerations and commissions while providing the related reporting and monitoring features.

Thomas Klaus, Project Manager at Quartal Financial Solutions AG, commented, “The installation of Quartal COMMISSION for this client is a complex installation with a high level of automation and integration that was carried forward from the old to the new version. One of the important project objectives was to minimize disruption to the business operations and ensure a smooth transition. We pulled together a great team for this project and due to the close collaboration with the Credit Suisse project team, ensured a successful deployment of version 10”.