Zurich, Switzerland (10.10.2014) – Quartal Financial Solutions AG, Europe’s market leader for fee billing, revenue, expense, and commission management solutions, today announced that Ashmore, one of the world’s leading emerging markets investment managers has selected Quartal COMMISSION for rebate and distribution fees management.

Quartal’s flagship product Quartal COMMISSION is used to automate the end to end process of rebate and distribution fees management in a single solution. It is used by some of the largest Fund Platforms, Transfer Agencies, Asset Managers and Wealth Managers to manage every type of commission and fee calculation. Powerful inclusion/exclusion rules and client segmentation options are provided reflecting the different service levels offered by Advisors within RDR, supporting both institutional and retail fund distribution management. In addition, it provides reconciliation and contract management capabilities along with value add analytics to empower business decisions such as profitability analysis, benchmarking of partners, products and distribution models as well as cash flow forecasting.

Chris Tsutsui, Head of Finance at Ashmore, stated:

Having reviewed leading vendors and an outsourcing option we decided that Quartal COMMISSION was the ideal solution as it provides an integrated approach to contract management, calculations and reporting, which will result in business process optimization, operational risk reduction and cost savings. The successful implementation of Quartal COMMISSION will allow Ashmore to better serve its growing fund distribution network by linking it with our CRM and investment management systems to provide better integration and higher transparency.

To be signing Ashmore has been another important step for Quartal in further developing our strong UK market presence and clearly states Quartal’s value proposition and offering for the global investment management and fund servicing industry,

said Thierry Zuppinger, CEO of Quartal Financial Solutions.

Ashmore is well known for its investment philosophy, numerous awards and top ranking by major rating agencies including the confidence which central banks, government and corporate pension funds, institutions and high net worth individuals have demonstrated by investing in Ashmore funds. Ashmore’s decision for Quartal COMMISSION emphasizes the quality of our market leading solution for commission management and sales controlling to the mutual fund industry. Our flagship products Quartal COMMISSION for rebate and distribution fee management and Quartal FEE MANAGER for fee billing, budgeting, revenue and expense management (including performance fees) provide our clients the flexibility they need to remain competitive in today’s complex business environment and at the same time, significantly reduce their costs, increase efficiency and provide for greater control of their business operations.


About Quartal Financial Solutions

AG Quartal Financial Solutions is one of the few specialized solution providers in the financial services industry that exclusively focuses on complex revenue, expense, fee and commission management for leading asset managers, banks, securities services providers, fund administrators and transfer agents worldwide. Quartal’s products enable the automation of complex calculation, payment and invoicing processes along with sophisticated reconciliation, budgeting, expense, contract management and high-end reporting capabilities. Since its foundation in 1999, the company has established a clear market leadership in fee management and commission processing by offering professional state-of-the-art products that cover most of the functional and technical requirements of its clients. Quartal’s impressive track record of leading market players around the globe is its best credential.



About Ashmore Group plc

Ashmore Group and its subsidiaries (Ashmore) comprise one of the world’s leading emerging market investment managers. Based in London, the business was founded in 1992 as part of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. In 1999, Ashmore became independent and today manages $71bn (as at 31 December 2012) across a range of investment themes in pooled funds, segregated accounts and structured products. Ashmore Group plc has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006. Ashmore’s outstanding portfolio management and research team employs a liquidity-focused and value-driven strategy targeting total return. Ashmore believes that active management focusing on asset liquidity and political dynamics with superior information and analysis leads to above average returns with lower risk over the cycle. Over the years, Ashmore’s principal goal has remained unchanged: to achieve superior investment results for its clients.