Zurich, (30.06.2020) – Quartal Financial Solutions, Europe’s leading provider of commission, fee billing, revenue management, and pricing solutions announced the release of Quartal COMMISSION / FEE MANAGER Version 12. Quartal continues to take an industry-leading role in the revenue and expense management segment based on an innovative and ambitious product roadmap to serve its global customer base of leading asset management, wealth management and securities servicing clients.

As part of Quartal’s ongoing product investments, Version 12 incorporates the following new features and enhancements:

  • Enhanced Accruals: The handling of accruals has been further standardized and automated. Quartal’s accrual processing now also supports accrual calculations for clients and distributors under contract negotiation (and re-negotiation)
  • Multi-Category Calculations: Calculations based on different calculation bases (i.e. asset-based, transaction-based, unit-based, etc.) can now be processed together and displayed on the same Payment/Invoice, including calculation category cloning capabilities
  • External Verification: Additional workflow capabilities to allow for the verification of calculations against information from third parties (e.g. by external distributors)
  • Asset Type Rules: Introduction of a new way to determine the source data for asset-based calculations based on a configurable asset type ruleset
  • Calculation Engine Enhancements: A number of further improvements of Quartal’s calculation engine, including the possibility to consolidate asset data prior to calculation, the treatment of cashflows based on “start of day” and “end of day” data, the introduction of various simulation calculation task types, and a new calculation kind (i.e. Due Date Per Period)
  • Non-Gregorian Calendar: Calculations covering partial months are now supported
  • Multi-Byte Character Support: Allows for the handling of client names and reports in multi-byte character sets like Japanese or Chinese
  • Unsettled Subscriptions & Redemptions: A standardized handing of unsettled subscriptions & redemptions
  • New .Net Import APIs: A new set of import APIs that process data in .Net, including the possibility of loading Excel files via the system’s Data Loader component
  • Browser-based Deployment Support: The Quartal Client can now be rolled out to users in HTML5 compatible browsers without local installation using the VirtualUI product from Thinfinity as an alternative deployment option to already supported client virtualization deployment options

In addition to the above, Quartal has further improved its automated testing infrastructure and product documentation as part of Version 12 which is available to customers in production as of 30th of June 2020.

Quartal Financial Solutions is a market leading-provider of fee and commission management, and revenue and expense lifecycle management software for the financial and insurance industries. Our flagship products, Quartal COMMISSION and Quartal FEE MANAGER, are used by key players in the asset management, wealth management, securities servicing, capital markets and insurance industry segments. We automate complex calculation, payment and invoicing processes, along with reconciliation, budgeting, contract and workflow management, and high-end reporting. Our clients enjoy reduced operating costs, higher performances, quick Return on Investment, and reduced technology obsolescence through the use of our technologically advanced solution. www.quartalfs.com