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Quartal Financial Solutions’ experts are here to help. When partnering with us, you’ll enjoy convenient, friendly and helpful assistance provided by our multi-lingual support and maintenance service team.

Our team of technical and business experts is centralized in Zurich (Switzerland) and offers first-rate support for Quartal’s software products, providing quick and accurate solutions. You may contact Quartal’s support team via the online ticketing system Quartal FLOWER or simply via email or our helpdesk hotline.

Quartal provides support services based on three standardized support packages that a client may choose from when partnering with Quartal:

Support Package Silver Gold Platinum
Support Desk Access Times Monday – Friday,
9 am – 5pm
Monday – Friday,
8 am – 6pm
24/5 full time support
Severity Levels /
Reaction Times

Severity 1
Reaction Time: 24 hours

Severity 2
Reaction time: 48 hours

Severity 3
Reaction time: 72 hours

Severity 1
Reaction Time: 4 hours

Severity 2
Reaction time: 24 hours

Severity 3
Reaction time:48 hours

Severity 1
Reaction Time: 2 hours

Severity 2
Reaction time: 8 hours

Severity 3
Reaction time: 24 hours

On-Site Support N/A Available upon request Available upon request

Beyond this, Quartal offers the following:

  • Customized support packages: Quartal’s support packages and related service level agreements (SLAs) can be customized according to clients’ needs.

  • Extended-hours support: Should your business needs require this from time to time, you may request extended-hours support availability. You will then have access to Quartal’s support desk outside standard business hour and beyond your regular support package.

  • Remote access support: This technology tries to reduce the complexity of reproducing defects of remote systems. Modern day technology enables that any support employee using Remote Support is able to assist a customer just like it was physically side-by-side. Technologies and tools like desktop sharing enable a direct intervention in the remote system. This can significantly improve resolution times.

  • System health check and performance monitoring: Our support team offers standardized system health checks and performance reviews in order to assess, tune and optimize your system’s performance. As a result of periodic health checks, clients will ensure that their solutions are able to perform at the highest levels possible.

Quartal’s support team conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys to assess the quality of its services. These surveys might be conducted by one of Quartal’s partner companies. Upon request, clients are provided with detailed service reports and may conduct regular service report review meetings in collaboration with Quartal.

Quartal’s client support desk can be contacted via: