About Us


we have developed software platforms & solutions for the financial services industry


Quartal Financial Solutions is a market leading provider of award-winning fee and commission management, and revenue and expense lifecycle management software for the financial and insurance industry. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and has additional offices in London and Lisbon. Quartal Financial Solutions currently has more than 30 clients with over 50 software installations in 13 countries across Europe, United States, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our clients range from the largest global asset managers, banks and service providers to bespoke wealth management companies.

Our solutions reduce processing costs, allow our clients to increase their revenues and information transparency, and optimize their pricing and cost models, while significantly reducing compliance and process risk. With a well-established, strong product and service offering and an innovative product roadmap, Quartal is a global market and mindshare leader in fee and commission management.

What Sets us apart

Financial Expertise – Our strength lies in our diverse & multi-cultural team of business consultants and engineers who solve complex challenges and build excellent client relations, resulting in consistently high client retention rates

Single Platform – A single, standard software solution that enables clients to calculate, invoice, pay, allocate, model, simulate and control all kinds of fees and commissions on a central enterprise platform

Value-Added Functionalities – We offer a powerful set of value-added functionalities in the areas of data management, contract management, workflow, accounts receivable management, cost & revenue allocations, simulations, forecasting, transfer pricing and reporting

Flexible Reporting – Sophisticated, flexible user interface and ad-hoc reporting. BI capabilities through dashboards and KPI controls based on leading technology

Regulatory Compliance – Our solutions enable compliance with current regulations and provide a platform for future regulation compliance in relevant markets

Modular Offering – Customizable, modular offering provides flexibility to meet client requirements

Global Implementation – Global implementation capability based on a strong team of industry and product experts as well as local implementation partners for key markets